Album Naked & Exposed, 2018 – Independent

Produced by: Christian Svedin, Robert Kukla, Marcus Carlzon

Mixed by: Christian Svedin

All music & lyrics by Marcus Carlzon, exept “You’re So Shallow And So Am I” music & lyrics by Marcus Carlzon, Joachim Ragnarsson

Album: Firstborn – Self-titled, 2017 – Rough Trade

Produced by: Andreas Sjödin, Additional vocal production by Marcus Carlzon.

All music & lyrics by: Marcus Carlzon, exept:
“Incomplete” & What I Need To See, Music & Lyrics by Marcus Carlzon & Joachim Ragnarsson

Mixed by Christian Svedin

EP, Firstborn – Old Machinery, 2014, Independent

Produced by: Andreas Sjödin, Mixed by: Andreas Sjödin

Music & Lyrics by: Marcus Carlzon & Joachim Ragnarsson

Album, Firstborn – Define Our Generation, 2012, Independent

Produced by: Anders Lagerfors, Mixed by: Anders Lagerfors

Music & Lyrics by: Marcus Carlzon, Joachim Ragnarsson. Exept track “Perfectly fine” music & lyrics by Marcus Carlzon, Joachim Ragnarsson & Max Pontén. “Suffocation” music by Marcus Carlzon & Simon Hassellund

“Can You Hear The Sound” music by, Marcus Carlzon, Simon Hassellund, Joachim Ragnarsson, Max Pontén & Aron Bergström